Better products for every application.

Since 1918, Bertolini Pumps mission hasn’t changed: to realize always more competitive and reliable products. It’s a philosophy which implies constant commitment and passion, a veritable family tradition of attention and care for details without any compromise, which characterizes our activity from its very beginning. This is the route we have followed relentlessly through the various generations, innovating and reinforcing the development of pumping systems, not only for what concerns our own products, rather by extension also for those in the market in general. Today, after more than a century, it would be impossible to calculate how many Bertolini pumps are still working in the world. Besides our patents and our worldwide leading position, we’ve also got the exclusive satisfaction to have helped millions of people.


A daily and limitless development.

Our vision reflects the spirit of initiative and dynamism which distinguishes us, both as company guideline and as motivation for those who work with us. At the base of our work there is always an absolute quality of the production processes, which finds its origin in the competence of an over a century-old experience, and our growth perspective is projected towards a continuous technological progress, made possible by the research and the development of ever better solutions. Our operative criteria are: reduction of environmental impact and costs, optimization of performances and materials, longevity and reliability. Our daily aim is to guarantee to Bertolini Pumps clients the safety to choose the most suitable and qualitatively superior product for any need.