A state-of-the-art reality

The same commitment over time.

Our leadership grows according to the same guidelines as ever:

  • Quality and reliability, with rigorous quality checks and real time data collection of all production phases.

  • Capacity to manage even small series, thanks to flexibility and the high grade of automation of production processes.

  • Customized client service, based on range width and production flexibility, readily  adapted to specific requests.

A long experience is a guarantee for solidity and competence, Bertolini Pumps has always found its own motivation and dedication in the pride for the achieved results and the commitment for the future ones. This contributes not only to increase our credibility on the markets, but also to create a company culture, which is fundamental for future development.

Solutions for every sector

Many applications, a unique primacy.

Bertolini Pumps has a leading role in the world markets, it’s among the largest producers of diaphragm and piston pumps designed for multiple uses. Here just some examples:

  • Agriculture: spraying treatments, chemical weeding, areas and environment disinfestation, professional gardening and green maintenance.

  • Industry: spraying and humidification plants, animal farming, reverse osmosis and desalination processes, pharmaceutical and food factories.

  • Cleaning: pressure washers, washing facilities, pipe cleaning machines.

  • Do-it-yourself: gardening and green maintenance, hobby and garden.

The deployments of our pumps are really countless, that’s why Bertolini Pumps continues to broaden its commercial offer and presence in the world, to provide always new solutions to growing needs and functions for the most different uses.