Bertolini Pumps

A history long more than 100 years.

Often the future is already written in the origins. Our company was founded in the very distant 1918 by Ugo Bertolini, who dreamt to put mechanics at man’s service to relieve the fatigue of working in the fields and to increase the crop fertility and its economic yield. Bertolini was born right in the area of Rubiera, an ever agricultural activity center, where a great undertaking of manpower took place. Thus, the first pumps for spraying were created, “double acting” piston pumps for weed killing treatments of wheat and vine yards, which were traditional applications at the time in the Reggio Emilia territory.
Later on were produced piston/diaphragm volumetric and “simple acting” pumps, pressure regulators and many other innovations for a variety of products continuously growing in the years to come.

The tradition of innovating

Today as yesterday, we think to the future.

As years went by, it became clear that pumps available on the market had evident technical limits: they were cumbersome, noisy and difficult to maintain. At the beginning of the 70’s, Bertolini was the first to design new pumps, more compact, quieter and easier to handle, built by systems structured to ease the replacement or repair of wear and tear parts, as for check valves. Thus, the first high pressure 3 piston pumps for industrial use were born, a primacy which would be also followed by the rising competition. Today Bertolini continues its research and development activity, anticipating trends and needs for every sector, from agriculture to industry, designing patented or otherwise technologies, to offer always better solutions as for efficiency, reliability and quality.