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History & Future

The origin of Idromeccanica Bertolini dates all the way back to 1918, during a time when Agricultural mechanics were beginning to fourish. It was at this time that a few companies began to experiment with revolutionary solutions that would relieve the tiring hard work of the farm felds. It is in the immediate post-war period that the Company, founded by Ugo Bertolini takes its frst steps. At frst it specializes in the manufacturing of “double-acting” piston pumps for spraying. Later on Bertolini is able to become popular both nationally and internationally by progressively evolving as the requirements grew in both the agricultural and industrial markets. Afterwards the frst piston diaphragm volumetric pump, then the “simple-acting” piston pump, pressure regulators, etc were born, a fne and complete collection of products that has been constantly growing. Bertolini has written mechanical history together with many other companies like Lombardini, Landini, Ruggerini, all of whom are the pride of the Emilia Romagna region in the world. To have a long history is not just a guarantee of the present of relying on the solid and experience of the company. It is more than that, it is the ability to be able to count on a bright future that is progressively constant, due to our passion, enthusiasm and dedication that distinguish us.