INDUSTRY |    TTL-TTK-KTL-KKL (120-350 bar | 8,5-44,8 L/min)

TTL-TTK-KTL-KKL (120-350 bar | 8,5-44,8 L/min)

Very heavy duty with a sealing system providing great strength. Plunger rod bushing PTFE coated for friction reduction. Valve caps fitted with a new Bertolini sealing system designed for higher pressure and longer working hours


150-300 Bar | 8,4-24,8 L/Min


170-300 Bar | 9,8-30,0 L/Min


250-350 Bar | 9,8-23,2 L/Min


120-210 Bar | 19,3-44,8 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   TTL-TTK-KTL-KKL (120-350 bar | 8,5-44,8 L/min)

High pressure seals made up of special compound for wear resistance and Teflon reinforced anti-extrusion ring.

New rapid action ,mirror finish stainless steel 316 check valves prevent corrosion and enhance high fluid dynamic efficiency: easily accessible for repair or replacement.

Double die-cast aluminium crankcase.

Stainless steel plunger rod Tenifer® treated resulting in a harder,smoother surface for increased seal life.

Highly polished solid ceramic plungers.

Oversized straight roller bearings provide extended working conditions for any application.