Since 1918

An history of 100 years

The future of a Company, very often, is written in its past. If you recall Bertolini started as a basement operation in 1918; we can look back nostalgically to the time when the founder, Ugo Bertolini, dreamt to relieve the tiring hard of the farm fields, in order to increase the fertility and the yield of crops. In fact the Company was founded in the neighbourhood of Rubiera, area that already in those days was rich in farming and labour-intensive. So, the first pumps for spraying treatment were born: "double-acting" piston pumps for the weed killing treatment of wheat and for the spraying treatment of vine yards, typical applications of that age in Reggio Emilia area...

Looking forward to the future

Foto stroica di Bertolini Pumps

About us

Having a long history is not only a warrant for the present – of a solid and experienced Company - but it's also the certainty you can count on a rich future that is constantly evolving, thanks to the passion and commitment that makes us different.

Foto stroica di Bertolini Pumps

Today's Bertolini is a modern Company which aims at consolidating its current position and creating further growth.

Bertolini is proud today to be recognized among the worldwide leaders in the diaphragm and piston pumps, aimed to different fields of application...