An history of 100 years

The future of a Company, very often, is written in its past. If you recall Bertolini started as a basement operation in 1918; we can look back nostalgically to the time when the founder, Ugo Bertolini, dreamt to relieve the tiring hard of the farm fields, in order to increase the fertility and the yield of crops. In fact the Company was founded in the neighbourhood of Rubiera, area that already in those days was rich in farming and labour-intensive. So, the first pumps for spraying treatment were born: "double-acting" piston pumps for the weed killing treatment of wheat and for the spraying treatment of vine yards, typical applications of that age in Reggio Emilia area. Afterwards, the piston/diaphragm volumetric pump, the "simple -acting" piston pumps, pressure regulators, etc.,a fine and complete collection of products that has been constantly growing.

Foto stroica di Bertolini Pumps

Years went by and till 70's pumps had some technical limits: cumbersome, extremely noisy and difficult to maintain. Therefore Bertolini, prompt to fill the needs of the market, revolutionized the design and created new pumps to do better job; they were smaller lighter and easier to handle, with much lower noise levels, incorporating components which were easily accessible for repair or replacement (for example the check valves). The first high pressure piston pumps for industrial use were designed at Bertolini at the beginning of the 70's, because Bertolini was also the birthplace of the competing Companies which are nowadays in the market. The Company continued to expand developing new technologies patented and not, that bought prestige to our engineering research, in order to offer customers the best of efficiency, reliability and quality.

Looking forward to the future

Today's Bertolini is a modern Company which aims at consolidating its current position and creating further growth by exploiting the following strengths:

- The quality and reliability of its products derived from extensive experience, from the best state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality production.
- Any product is tested in our laboratory and is submitted to severe qualitative controls.
- All components are manufactured by sophisticated C.N.C machines of latest generation.
- The data processing centre of the Company processes, in real time, the data regarding the production process, assuring a continuous control of the production cycle.
- The capacity to produce short production runs, thanks to the flexibility and the high level of automation system of the production processes.
- Customer service, based on a wide product range and the flexible manufacturing system, allowing customisation of products to specific requirements and rapid response to orders.

Having a long history is not only a warrant for the present – of a solid and experienced Company - but it's also the certainty you can count on a rich future that is onstantly evolving, thanks to the passion and commitment that makes us different. Essential factors have been the qualities of the Management team and of the Bertolini family: dedication, pride in achievement and strong motivation. This has been extremely important not only in establishing the Company's credibility in the international markets, but also in creating the corporate culture which is fundamental basis for future development.

Since 1918

Today's Bertolini is a modern Company

Bertolini is proud today to be recognized among the worldwide leaders in the diaphragm and piston pumps, aimed to different fields of application, such as:

- Agriculture: (spraying treatments with plant protection products, pesticides and chemical weed control products, home uses like spraying and insect control treatments in gardens, greenhouses, flowerbeds, kitchen gardens, …)

- Industry (hot/cold high pressure washers, for greenhouses and indoor gardens, for fogging/misting systems, for in-plant stationary systems, for fire-fighting systems, for trailer mounted cleaning systems, drain cleaning machines, multiple gun washing stations, carwash systems, for reverse osmosis, desalination, food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, …)

But the final uses of the pumps are countless, so Bertolini is continuously looking for innovative solutions. As our customers change, we change with them.


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